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Following the completion of your tattoo, your artist will either place a bandage over your tattoo, called a “second-skin” bandage (Saniderm) or use plastic wrap. These bandages act as a protective barrier for the first stage of the tattoo healing process. 



While the bandage is on, you are free to go about your day in a mostly normal fashion. It’s water-resistant, so you can shower while wearing it, - however, we recommend avoiding prolonged water exposure since water can sometimes find its way in. We recommend wearing loose clothing to prevent abrasion to the bandage and tattoo.

While the bandage is on, you will notice the surface underneath accumulate slight moisture, causing the tattoo to appear blurry. This is plasma building up from your skin, pulling up micro-fragments of ink. It’s completely normal and helps with the healing process. 

We recommend keeping the Saniderm bandage on for 24 hours. At the 24 hour mark, remove and wash the tattoo with a lukewarm water and a mild, unscented, liquid soap. The shower is the ideal place to remove Saniderm. Running water will help loosen the adhesive and relax the skin, making the removal much more comfortable. Dry removal of Saniderm may cause discomfort and added trauma to the skin. Once dry, apply a second piece that will stay on for up to 6 days for a total healing time of 7 days. If you do not have a second piece, go ahead and jump to "Post-Wrap" care.


Remove your bandage when you get home, then rinse off the area with lukewarm water and a mild, unscented liquid soap.

Depending on your artist’s preference, they may recommend re-wrapping the tattoo before going to bed. This is to eliminate any excess bleeding or plasma run-off on your sheets (that may also dry and cause irritation when moving throughout the night). Should your artist recommend re-wrapping your tattoo, remove the bandage the following day, gently wash the area with unscented soap and begin moisturizing your tattoo with a mild, unscented lotion or aftercare product.


For approximately 10 to 12 days following bandage removal, we recommend using an unscented lotion (or suggested aftercare product) 3 to 6 times a day, or as needed.


Apply a smooth, thin layer to the tattoo (just enough to cover it). Do not oversaturate the area with lotion, as this could potentially harm the healing process, pulling pigment back up.

We recommend abstaining from intensive exercise for 2 weeks, as contact with unsanitary surfaces, abrasive clothing, and sweat can cause irritation, additional scarring and even infection.

Avoid submerging your tattoo in water (including ocean, lakes, rivers, swimming pools, hot tubs ect.) or exposing it to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, for a full month. Water exposure can cause serious and life-threatening infections and direct sunlight can overly dry the healing area, or cause premature fading.


Lastly, we kindly ask that you send us a high-resolution photograph of the tattoo a month after its completion. We’d love to see how it has healed. Should you feel a touch-up is necessary, let us know and we will get you scheduled. We offer complimentary touch-ups within a 6-month period, after which a fee may be required (up to the artist’s discretion).

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