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Here’s a little about me, I am super laid back, I love craft beer/coffee, and I am crazy about barbering! I love to laugh and have a good time. I definitely believe most people are GOOD and love making new friends! I'm an extroverted introvert and the more I get to know you the more we're gonna laugh and have the BEST conversation! I got into barbering because I love the art of it and even more so, I absolutely love getting to know each person that sits in my chair. I just got married to my BEAUTIFUL wife Britt, @britts_ink. She is the mastermind behind the tattoos  We have been together for about 4 years now, besties for 12! We love being outside so naturally we love any outdoor activities along with traveling, and discovering new restaurants! Feel free to follow me on Instagram so I can get to know you. I'm so excited to meet you!
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