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rekindled barber

woman, queer barber at a queer barbershop in salt lake city utah, cutting queer hairstyle
queer barber holding shears in a barbershop in millcreek, utah


Rekindled & Co. is a Women & Queer Owned Tattoo + Barber shop. At the heart of Rekindled you will find a space that is safe to be who you are and safe to express your needs/wants of your Tattoo and/or Haircut. You will find a team full of genuine Artists and Barbers who prioritize relationship, communication, and craft. We are aware that you could choose a hundred chairs to sit in, and knowing that you chose our chair, is something we don't take lightly. We promise to give you our individual bests every time you come in and make sure you leave happier, lighter, and a bit more inspired each time you leave. 


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